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Whirlpool Tile Installation

This was a very unique whirlpool, it's actually a tub within a tub. It was too big to drop in so the front and back framing had to be completed with the tub in place. The total tub is 9' long with the center being 7' long and 3' deep. The water can fill to the top of the tub and any water overflow goes down the drain.
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The builder wanted to use plywood around it so they would be able to nail the beaded wood that is part of the finish. The plumbing was left open for the plumber to hook up the water.

On the tub deck Durock was installed for the underlayment, and the tub was protected with a drop cloth. The two bags of mortar were to help me step over and into the tub for tiling.

The Durock was installed with 100% mortar and roofing nails.

A straight edge was screwed in place and leveled to hold the side piece of tile. The deck piece was bullnosed to make the corner and the tile set so it would slide under the tub.

The deck tile is installed first, with the wall tile setting on top of the deck tile. After letting the mortar dry overnight, the straight can be removed.

Fit all four tiles first before mixing mortar. The blue tape allows me to know the order and which end is the top.

Backbutter is a must! In this case we use the flat side of the trowel to leave mortar on the plywood and the teeth of the trowel to backbutter the tile.

No need to bullnose the backsplash tile as beaded wood will cover the edge. If the wall was paint or wallpaper, the edge of the tile would have to be finished.

Not much tile but it makes a nice accent for the tub and the bath.

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