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Leveling an Uneven Surface with Kerabond / Keralastic

This project uses the Kerabond / Keralasticsystem, a flexible two part mortar system designed for hard-to-bond-to stone, porcelain and glass tile. It offers exceptional bond strength, flexural strength, elongation and freeze/thaw durability.

Leveling an uneven floor with Kerabond / Keralastic

Leveling with Kerabond / Keralastic 2

The 9 x 9 bath floor in this 1924 frame house sagged 1/2" in the center of the room.

Using a metal straight edge almost as wide as the room, dry run the straight edge across the room marking every few feet with a pencil where floor and gap of straight edge start.

Connect the marks to make a line for the mortar.

Mix mortar and trowel to the lines leaving enough mortar to fill the belly. Drag straight edge towards you in a back and forth motion flattening the floor as you go. Repeat the process until you're out the door.

Allow to dry. In a heated house, usually 1 day. In winter cold it can take a couple of days. Also thickness matters in drying.

When floor is dry, scrape with flat side of the trowel or wide putty knife to knock off the burrs. Floor may look rough but is very smooth and flat, suitable substrate for larger tile installation.

Apply a second smoothing coat with the flat side of the trowel and the substrate is suitable for small mosaics.

Tilesetters: Put a straight edge on your wall installations and see how unlevel they are most of the time. The same process described below works on walls as well. For walls with large indentations, mix the mortar a little drier but still wet enough to be able to trowel. Your finished installations will stand noticeably at attention.

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