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Hand Molded Tile Installation

Diamond shape hand molded dark green tile by Kepcor
Butt joint tile installation (as much as possible)
Unsanded grout

How to Install Hand Molded Tile

How to Install Hand Molded Tile

How to Install Hand Molded Tile

Supplies needed to seal hand molded unsanded grout:
4" brush, bath towel, Aqua Mix Stone Enhancer, container.

Lavishly brush sealer in grout joints.
Sealer will get on tile as well, but concentrate on getting grout joints good and wet.
Do this across a large area and let stand for 5 minutes, then wipe off the sealer with
a towel leaving no puddles. Grout darkens with sealer, will dry somewhat lighter but overall darker.

The grout is as smooth and cleanable as the tile itself.

4" x 8" hand molded tile by Kepcor
Butt joint running bond tile installation with unsanded grout
Sealed: The sealer doesn't effect the look or feel of the tile but does
wonderful things for porous grout, actually repels water.

One tile was not enough for this plumbing leak, the plumber wanted more.

The grinder and diamond turbo blade cut out the tile for the plumbing repair.
Great control and good for cutting Durock or anything masonary.
It's the most valuable tool I own!

They come out in big pieces.

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