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Charlie Kay, professional "Tile Man", has over 40 years experience installing custom tile creations for both residential and commercial clients.

Here you'll find his useful tips, tricks, and "how - to's" to help you learn how to "do it yourself". Browse through the Tile Installation PHOTO GALLERIES to see some past projects, and be sure to bookmark the LEARNING CENTER, where you'll find videos and photo tutorials on working with tile from beginner basics to more advanced techniques.

Whether you want to learn to lay tile yourself or are looking for an expert professional to help with your renovations, Charlie is the man for the job!

Message from Charlie . . .

Tile is losing market share to competitor surfaces in the residential home because of sanded grout.

Every competitor's product that we compete with for space in the home has evolved into what they are today. With tile, the commercial "fast food" tile installation of the 70's came right in the residential door in the 80's and it's still the same today.

For the past 12 years, I have butt joint all of the tiles in all of my installations, grouting the jobs with unsanded grout. Small, smooth, uniform grout that actually enhances the job. A grout job, where the joints come out perfect every time. I'll say that again -- perfect every time. It's all in the technique, techniques which I am happy to share here on this website, through videos, and in workshops.

If you don't find the information you need here, please feel free to contact me with questions!

Charles A. Kay


This web site contains almost 70 pages and more than 700 photo's, about everything tile

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